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Understanding Cultural Diversity during Onboarding

Cultural differences can pose challenges during onboarding. Communication styles, work-life balance expectations, decision-making processes, and even non-verbal cues can vary greatly across cultures. By understanding these differences, we can develop effective onboarding strategies. This includes cultural awareness training for HR and managers, providing country-specific onboarding materials, fostering a culture of inclusion, and partnering with local teams for in-country support. By taking these steps, we can ensure a smooth and positive onboarding experience for our international hires.

Onboarders talk best & next practices

APRIL 16th, 2024

12:00 - 12:30 PM EST

Via Zoom

Challenges of Cultural Differences

Topics covered include:

  1. Communication styles (direct vs. indirect)

  2. Work-life balance expectations

  3. Body language and non-verbal cues

  4. Decision-making processes

                - (hierarchical vs. collaborative)

                - (centralized vs. distributed)

Live Q&A

Elizabeth Pierce


Elizabeth is a highly accomplished leader in the talent industry, boasting over 25 years of experience driving strategic growth through fostering progressive learning cultures. She has
designed and implemented impactful employee development programs and talent strategies for renowned organizations such as Oracle, Walmart eCommerce, Uber, and Glassdoor.
Elizabeth's expertise has been widely recognized, earning her a place among the Top 50 Leaders in Learning and Development by Corinium in 2019 and securing a spot as one of the
top 100 Learning Professionals by OnCon Icon in 2023. Currently, she holds the position of Principal at Sift Knowledge Consultancy, where she provides invaluable guidance on talent
development. Additionally, Elizabeth serves as an advisor to People Tech Partners, Creative Futures Collective, and contributes her insights to the board of YOL, a corporate well-being company.

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