We are in a complex time of pandemic and revised perspective on diversity and inclusion and organizations must now incorporate this into every part of the employee experience. We hope to positively contribute by continuing to help businesses learn the best and next practices and to serve as a resource for knowledge and networking for those who Onboard.


CHOP creates a virtual site visit to let us into their redesigned Onboarding. Hear from leaders, program managers and designers bringing Onboarding to life.

Healthcare Onboarding leaders share tools and tactics to address new hire experience in some of the most challenging work environments.

M&A is among the most complex business operations and Onboarding has much to offer in creating successful post merger integration.




Orientation Reboot

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia: Orientation Reboot CHOP responded to the pandemic in no time flat. Recently I sat down with Donna Kramer and she shared how she and the onboarding team members were able to take their traditional instructor led Day 1 Orientation to the next level, transforming the day into a “gaming” experience. During the experience new hires receive all of the important and required information they need while completing fun, interactive activities that can be accessed both on a virtual platform or live in person facilitation.


New Talent Onboarding Journey

Learn how Charles River Laboratories onboards over 3500 new talent each year, how they collaboratively designed an innovative global and consistent onboarding experience that successfully immerses new talent into their culture and their roles.  Hear how they leverage leaders globally to deliver virtual and onsite cultural and foundational orientation experiences; how managers, buddies and onboarding champions support and provide new talent a strong sense of belonging to the CRL community; use a listening strategy to continuously enhance the experience, and share their challenges as well as positive impact it is making even during these unprecedented times.


Onboarding & Engagement in Healthcare

For over 14 years, Katie has led the development and execution of talent acquisition strategies across multiple industries.  She started her career in recruitment and leadership consulting before transitioning to the manufacturing industry where she spent 9 years developing international talent strategies. In 2015, she transitioned to healthcare where she has successfully developed and operationalized the inaugural sourcing, recruiting and onboarding model, which contributed to a 25% decrease in time-to-fill, the attraction and selection of over 70% of the regional new graduate nursing candidate pool and a 15% decrease in vacancy rate for critical roles.



It was the perfect storm of onboarding: joining a telehealth company as a senior executive during COVID and getting acclimated to leading a 130-person team all working remotely, when 5 months into the new job, you get the news: you’re being acquired. Suddenly the entire organization is being onboarded by another company. As major players in telemedicine, with tremendous promise and expectations of the merger, both companies need to get the onboarding in place quickly and without disruption to the lifeblood of the companies -members and clients.