Onboarding is a complex imperative for organizations at the best time, but it has become crucial in the era of pandemic. While many businesses have been able to pivot to remote and digital stop gaps for Onboarding Healthcare providers and essential workforces in life sciences, logistics, and manufacturing to name a few have encountered the need to innovate hybrid programs for remote and essential workforces.

The future of work has arrived!  The world quickly shifted to a distributed workforce using a digital workspace.

We hire people not simply to fill a role, but to help shape the way we run our organizations.


Whether in person, via multimedia platforms or hybrid models - Onboarding Happens!

We are in a complex time of pandemic and revised perspective on diversity and inclusion and organizations must now incorporate this into every part of the employee experience. We hope to positively contribute by continuing to help businesses learn the best and next practices and to serve as a resource for knowledge and networking for those who Onboard.



Sparking Joy in the Virtual Onboarding Experience

At Netflix, the onboarding program is intended to welcome our new hires and provide a journey that creates moments of pause, education and celebration. Each onboarding ‘episode’ delivers a meaningful, efficient, fun way for new hires to embrace their new chapter at Netflix.


Digital Employee Experience & Onboarding

The future of work has arrived!   As the world quickly shifted to a distributed workforce using a digital workspace, VMware accelerated the journey we had already begun:  to enable our people to work anywhere, anytime using any app on any device and any cloud.  It’s our heritage and central to what we do every day as a company. 


Onboarding Evolution

Delivering a best-in-class virtual onboarding experience during a time of radical transformation


Digital Employee Experience

One of the challenges we face in a digital age is to be able to create onboarding experiences that are engaging and effective. Video meeting fatigue and work from home distractions are two common challenges that have surfaced in our "new normal". In this session we will discuss what criteria Intuit uses when creating virtual onboarding experiences and how to leverage data and tools to provide effective just in time learning.