Hear from some of our amazing speakers

Karina is the Global Operations Manager for Employee Experience at Airbnb.


Her session dive into what it takes to host a global cohort of new hires every week and how Airbnb works together on the backend to deliver a world class experience.


Rajamma is the HR Technology Director for Microsoft. 


Join us on a session to hear about how Microsoft is on a journey to enhance employee experience on all fronts.


Schartryce is the Senior Enterprise Engagement Specialist for American Airlines.


This session will focus on the transformative components of the program, culture as a competitive advantage and how American successfully gained and maintains leadership support.


Erin is the Onboarding Design Manager at Discover

With innovation being one of Discover’s core values, the Workforce Evolution initiative has re-imagined how we source, hire, on-board, train, and engage new employees. Our lab-based approach begins with self-paced orientation enabling flexible job entry and continues by offering learner-centered role-based training allowing a unique personalized progression plan with a flexible exit strategy. 


Dwight is the Global Onboarding Leader at Intuit.

Participants will understand how Intuit historically has approached acquisitions and how we disrupted ourselves for the future. In this session, we will cover: three stories of Intuit acquisitions, struggles, learnings & achievements, and the future of acquisition onboarding at Intuit


Leah is the Global Sales School Lead for Google. 


 With over 2,000 new Googlers (also known as "Nooglers") going through the program a year, the goal is to create a program which enables Nooglers to become job ready in the fastest time possible.