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Onboarding: Moving The Dial On Retention
4 Part Video Series

Onboarders Talks Next Practices...On Demand

In light of the pandemic and a revised conversation on the nature of work organizations are struggling with acquisition and attrition of talent. 


This creates a powerful opportunity for Onboarding to show itself as the strategic lever it can be for attraction, retention and the engagement of talent.


Join us for this virtual gathering of practitioners from companies examining the role of Onboarding in the modern landscape of work.

Experience, Attrition, Preparedness… Oh My! Balancing it all in your Onboarding

Erin Cole

Onboarding Manager, Human Resources

Oboarding  & Leadership Development

Colette Williamson

Manager, Leadership & Employee Training

The Criticality of Coaching (In the OnBoarding Process)

Maureen (McLaren) Love

Global Sales Strategy and Enablement

Bringing the Customer Experience to Life During
the New HIre Experience

Elizabeth Pierce
Director, Learning Experience Consulting Leader


DECEMBER 8-9, 2022 NYC

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