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Our webinars offer state of the art interactivity via Zoom. We are known for rich content from practitioners and peers with no marketing speak from vendors. We are small and we like it that way, but we cater to the world’s most important companies.


Here is what you can expect at the live meeting:

  • 90 minutes of intensive knowledge sharing from companies leading the way in digital employee experience and Onboarding

  • National event 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST   just like our in-person events- we feature live presenters - no recorded presentations

  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions during or at the end of the session and also in networking sessions

  • Presenters will communicate with the audience, respond in Q&A, and share their video and desktops

  • You will have a full delegate list so you can network with peers private and group chat for attendees and panelists

  • Breakouts - and Zoom Rooms- select speakers will be available during breaks in more intimate rooms 

  • Q&A and polling: The event is live and so are your questions and the answers presenters offer via dialog box where attendees ask questions with live or text answers.

  • Attendees will go live with questions to our presenters and to the audience.


  • The session will be recorded for members or pay per view customers who could not attend the live event.


Members may join quarterly meetings designed for topic driven networking.

Are you working on M&A Onboarding? Sales or Tech workers need a functional program? Want to hear about exec or intern programs from peers?


The meeting of minds is the most powerful tool available to gain a view of the landscape validate some suppositions, benchmark on the fly.

To bring back a little of the serdipity of events these gatherings are designed with networking focus so you can expand your circle of professional contacts.

These meetings will be held via Zoom and feature conversation and group work on problem solving friction points for Onboarders.


Smaller Gatherings for True Interaction

1 x 1 Coaching

As a member you receive 90 minutes of one on one coaching from Onboarders' program creators or advanced practitioner.

Discuss jump starting or refreshing a program, overcoming communication issues in selling your programs up or articulating the busines case to a senior sponsor or leadership as a whole.

In the last 15 years we have examined and presented thousands of key solutions for organizations needing some direction.

You will also receive a curated list of video archives for some additional learnings.



Video Archive

the video archive experience is intended to recreate a live conference. The collection of webinars and video presentations offer deep dives into enterprise, sales and healthcare Onboarding. As a member you receive access to 5 videos across all disciplines.

These recorded sessions are typically 30-60  minutes in length and offer voice over slide deck. They also feature Q&A sessions and interviews formatted for audio and video. Please see session descriptions for detailed outlines.

These sessions may not be downloaded and are for one time use. Thereby simulating a conference experience..

Video Archivo
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