Onboarding & Diversity

Steven Curtis

Onboarding Experiences Lead

Revising the Day One Experience

The conversion for our day 1 onboarding experiences to virtual was a necessity but we realized it was also an opportunity to update and refresh a number of our program elements and experiment with new frameworks. Several months on we have a number of lessons learned about how to not only deliver on critical day 1 new hire expectations (such as benefits overviews) but also how to infuse an all virtual experience with meaningful elements of diversity, inclusion and associate engagement. This session will provide an overview of the lessons learned and share an early view of how they and the data gathered from our participants during this time is shaping what our program will look like in the future. 

Orientation Reboot & Gamification

Donna Krammer

Manager, Onboarding and Education Administration

In this session the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia onboarding team members will share their experience of how they were able to take their traditional instructor led day 1 orientation to the next level, transforming the day into a “gaming” experience.  During the experience new hires receive all of the important and required information they need while completing fun, interactive activities that can be accessed both on a virtual platform or live in person facilitation.

Thriving through M&A - Onboarding Implications

Heidi Anderson Hupe

Teladoc Health

Jennifer Fondrevay        

Day 1 Ready                                                                                        


Going through a Merger or Acquisition can cause massive disruption for the workforce, leaving people feeling confused and discouraged. There are advantages to be had in any organization transition, even M&A, if you change your perspective. It’s not how you look but where.

 The people can be a company’s greatest asset if you put them at the heart of the change rather than the sidelines. Paying more than lip service to managing disruption by helping your teams navigate the grief stages of acquisition and the “cast of change” characters, can mitigate the fears of transition while yielding bottom-lineJ benefits.


Key Takeaways

  • The challenges all organizational transitions, from M&A to digital transformation, have in common and how to prepare for them 

  • Why “us vs. them” thinking can undermine the success of your M&A deal and cost millions – and how to build the trust needed to stop it 

  • Critical steps to avoid losing momentum, money, and talent in the important early stages 

Onboarding the Next Generation of Leaders 

Jennifer Saloma

Learning and Development - Program Management - Lead Associate

The next evolution in our onboarding program is to establish a program that balances the needs of the organization with the specific and unique needs of recent college graduates. 

In this session I’ll provide an overview of our Day One and Day Two experience as well as showcase the program designed for our newest campus hires. 

Additional insights will be provided on the lift involved, resources utilized and how we used a variety of modalities to get meaningful and actionable feedback and data.

Remotely Connected: Thoughts from world of College Orientation

Stacy Doepner-Hove

Director, Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Program

Normally college orientation is buttressed by the fact that many, or all, of the students will live together, study together, work together and play together. Bonding during orientation is just one step in a much larger social experience. But as so many students are planning to attend their college classes remotely – how are the orientation coordinators creating engaged experiences to help bring people together when they aren’t together? What can we, as employers, learn from these folks? And what can we expect our new employees to expect from us in just a few years.