The Current and Future State of Onboarding

Note to our community

We are in a complex time of pandemic and a revised perspective on diversity, inclusion, and equity. Subsequently, organizations must now incorporate this into every part of the employee experience.


Onboarding | 2025 and the Onboarders Conference hope to positively contribute by continuing to help Onboarders learn the best and next practices and to serve as a resource for knowledge and networking for those who Onboard.

We are gathering for the first time virtually and we strive to create an environment we are known for and enjoy organizing. We have made some amazing friends among the world of Onboarding and we hope to make even more. So with that intention, we have composed a hard to believe assortment of companies kind enough to share their current and future states of Onboarding.


Employee Onboarding / New Hire experience and Engagement




Organizations are striving to deliver high-quality experiences for new hires; and Onboarders are rising to the task. Our conferences routinely identified hybrid and virtual Onboarding capability as part of best practice.


I have reached out to a large number of our past attendees and they report - they had to turn on a dime and they were ready.




Over the years we’ve covered the evolution of new hire experience and we seem to have experienced our first meteor event; businesses with the best people practices, benefits and development will probably do best.




Concluding a research series with dozens of leading businesses some trends have surfaced and will be covered by the conference- these include:

Onboarding Delivery:

Onboarding is now a cloud-based, multichannel portfolio of "solutions" linked through complex technology and third party agreements. It is delivered via mobile -scalable platforms and business apps.   -how is HR Ops retooling and reshaping now?



The employee experience has moved from Services to Self Service and Mobile - Scalable Experiences.   

-what forms of innovation will these trends enable?


Analytics are providing deep insights that are even more under scrutiny as engagement for remote employees is considered. This is already shaping Onboarding strategy and investment, but companies are seeking real levers for engagement and performance -what are the emerging practices?


Who Should Attend? 

This Conference is designed for directors and managers with responsibility for the following areas:


  • Onboarding and New Hire Experience

  • Employee Service Delivery and Design

  • L&D / Training 

  • L&D Operations

  • Talent Acquisition & Ops

  • OD, Effectiveness, Performance, Engagement