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Webinar Series

We are in a complex time of pandemic and revised perspective on diversity and inclusion and organizations must now incorporate this into every part of the employee experience. We hope to positively contribute by continuing to help businesses learn the best and next practices and to serve as a resource for knowledge and networking for those who Onboard.


Onboarders talk next practices... LIVE

Experience, Attrition, Preparedness… Oh My! Balancing it all in your Onboarding


12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

Via Zoom / $ 150.00

Do you have high volume onboarding and training needs in your organization or call center? Discover  onboards and trains over 2,000 US-based front-line employees annually while focusing on employee experience, reducing attrition, and speed to proficiency. In this webinar, we’ll discuss a case study in how we evolved our hiring strategies, modernized the onboarding and training experience, and provided our employees with the skills and knowledge to be job-ready, faster! We learned that enabling individuals to progress throughout their learning at their own pace and increasing their practice time increases our organizational agility and provides a distinctive positive experience for new hires.

Erin Cole

Onboarding Manager, Human Resources


Erin Cole brings almost 20 years of industry experience in financial services, L&D, and call centers and is currently the Onboarding Manager for Discover. She’s received back-to-back President’s Award nominations for her innovative work in employee experience and process improvements in onboarding and role-based training. Erin paved the way for remote leadership becoming Discover’s first remote Manager in 2014 when relocating to Austin, Texas.



12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

Via Zoom / $ 150.00

Let’s take a 34,000 foot view at Southwest Airlines’ approach to the new hire experience. This highly engaging session includes the culture, tools and resources Southwest Airlines uses to welcome and inspire new hires to embrace their journey.


Colette Williamson

Manager, Leadership & Employee Training


Colette Williamson has been working for Southwest Airlines as a Training and Development Leader since 2010.  She is an accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience as an effective Leader, Trainer, Facilitator, and Instructional Designer.  She began her career in Canada in education as a teacher.  She taught for several years in Canada and then moved to Texas where she decided to combine her passion for training with her love of travel.  She serves as the Manager of Leadership and Employee Training for Southwest Airlines.

The Criticality of Coaching (In the OnBoarding Process)


12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

Via Zoom / $ 150.00

The Coaching Commitment

Why Coaching is critical in the OnBoarding

What is Coaching (really)?

Who Coaches?

How do we build and deliver effective
Coaching programs?

The significant benefits of Coaching


3 Takeaways

I understand the potential benefits and lasting impacts that coaching can
bring to my organization as part of the OnBoarding process

I can talk about what coaching is and is not, though I may choose to use a
different word for it

I know how to go about implementing a coaching component in my
OnBoarding program (that also reflects the language and values of my


Maureen (McLaren) Love

Global Sales Strategy and Enablement

Mo Love has been leading diverse teams to achieve phenomenal results for over 30 years. With deep experience at the innovative intersection between education and technology, Mo brings her passion for lifelong learning and shared success to every organization she supports. Mo led teams across multiple disciplines including Sales, Enablement, Project and Product Management, and global regions in North America, Asia Pacific and Japan, and EMEA. She has also spent significant time in the Public Sector, specifically assisting Educational organizations and Nonprofits, and credits her start as a public high school teacher with her unwavering commitment to help all people achieve their highest potential. Most of her career centered around SaaS Talent Management and HR technology at Cornerstone. She also worked at McKinsey & Co. and DigitalThink honing her expertise in eLearning development and high- impact hybrid learning environments. Mo holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies with a specialization in Race and Ethnicity and a master’s in Education from Stanford University where she also won six NCAA championships with the women’s swimming and volleyball teams. She currently lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia with her husband and two daughters but will be returning to the D.C. area this summer and is excited to get back to leading teams of people that are over 6 years old.

Recent Speakers


Employee Learning Experience


12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

Via Zoom / $ 150.00

Employee Learning Experience


Radical Pivots for Onboarding Engagement

You will learn how leading companies re-defining customer and employee experience have taken an Agile approach to increase new hire engagement in the era of virtual and Zoom fatigue.

Hacks include-

-“Un-conferencing” /

-Switching up the Buddy Program /

-Enabling at Home Performance and Wellness.

Elizabeth Pierce
Director, Learning Experience
Consulting Leader


Elizabeth is an established talent industry professional dedicated to driving a progressive learning culture throughout organizations to meet company, customer, and employee goals for strategic growth. She has 20+ years of in-depth knowledge focusing on employee development, talent lifecycle design, and leadership evolution. Her experience ranges from large scale organizations such as Oracle and Walmart eCommerce to hyper-growth startups Uber, Eventbrite, Glassdoor and Zenefits. She was recently honored to be part of the Top 50 Leaders in Learning and Development, Americas by Corinium. 

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