New Sales Hire Onboarding done well represents a strategic advantage in sales performance. Whether it's accelerating success, creating engagement impacting pipeline or improving the retention of sales talent. We will hear from the worlds leading companies and how they are upgrading the new hire experience, effectiveness and success of sales people.


This Virtual Conference will dive deep into the Sales Enablement, Readiness & Training + Onboarding Strategies of some of the world’s leading businesses as they present case studies and dialogs focused not only on the tactics, but also on the philosophies surrounding the attraction, orientation, socialization and development of their sales people and leaders. 


Sales leaders with responsability for:

  • Sales Enablement & Training

  • Onboarding and New Hire Experience

  • Onboarding and Sales Hiring Manager

  • Learning and Leadership Development


  • OD, Effectiveness, Performance


  • Employee Experience Design and Delivery


  • Sales Operations