It was the perfect storm of onboarding: joining a telehealth company as a senior executive during COVID and getting acclimated to leading a 130-person team all working remotely, when 5 months into the new job, you get the news: you’re being acquired. Suddenly the entire organization is being onboarded by another company. As major players in telemedicine, with tremendous promise and expectations of the merger, both companies need to get the onboarding in place quickly and without disruption to the lifeblood of the companies -members and clients.


Hear onboarding lessons learned from Heidi Anderson Hupe, SVP of Client Experience at Teladoc (formerly Livongo), along with Jennifer Fondrevay, Founder of Day1 Ready M&A consultancy, whom Heidi engaged to help her team navigate the acquisition. The goal? To keep the team on track and on purpose with their mission: to create a new kind of healthcare experience, one that empowers people everywhere to live their healthiest life, particularly critical in the time of COVID.


Key takeaways

  • Learning how to onboard as a senior executive when your leadership can’t meet – and doing it all over again when you get acquired

  • Leading your team through an onboarding experience when you are still getting to know the leadership as well

  • Understanding the unique onboarding experience of a merger or acquisition and how to prepare your teams for success


Jennifer J Fondrevay is the Founder and Chief Humanity
Officer of Day1 ReadyTM, a consultancy that advises forward thinking business leaders, owners and C-Suite executives on how to prepare for and manage the people challenges of business transitions, particularly Mergers & Acquisitions.

As a Fortune 500 C-Suite “survivor” of three separate multibillion-dollar acquisitions, Jennifer authored the satirical survivor’s handbook, “NOW WHAT? A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions”. With over 70 reviews, NOW WHAT? became a #1 new release on Amazon when it was launched in Nov. 2019.

She shares her expertise as a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes and Thrive Global; is a frequent podcast guest and keynote speaker for conferences and associations; and has advised numerous small-mid market as well as Fortune 1000 companies, including Express Scripts, Cigna, Livongo and Teladoc, to support their workforces in navigating the emotional journey of business transitions and post M&A-deal integration.

Jennifer Fondrevay
Founder, Chief Humanity Officer


Jennifer Fondrevay, Heidi Anderson - Hupe Biography

How I Onboarded a Remote Work Force Through an Acquisition in the year of COVID (and lived to tell about it)


Top performing, energetic, right and left-brained commercial leader with an exceptional track record of growing revenue and expanding markets for start-up, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 publishing, advertising, retail, and consumer packaged goods companies. Demonstrated success introducing new products, restructuring, and change management initiatives that deliver significant ROI and high NPS in emerging and mature B2C and B2B markets. 20-year career building client relationships within bio pharmaceuticals, medical device, diagnostics, OTC (over the counter) products, hospital systems, and health insurers. Recruited, developed, and promoted top performing talent throughout career.

Heidi Anderson Hupe
Senior Vice President Strategic Client Sales and Initiatives