Leah Schachar

Global Head of Google Sales School

Onboarding Reimagined

In our most recent analysis, new Sales Nooglers (also known as Nooglers) rated themselves at 60% job ready. With over 2,000 new Googlers joining the Global Business Operations Sales force annually who have the potential to touch and impact $25B+ of our ad revenue, every day a Noogler isn’t job ready greatly impacts Google’s growth. In addition, as the world evolved, sales skills are becoming even more important than technical skills, even at Google. 


In this session, Leah Schachar, Global Head of Google Sales School, will explain how her team restructured the Google Sales onboarding experience, turning the program into a world-class experience that enables a Nooglers to be job ready and drives the future of Google's growth. Join this session to hear the steps they’ve taken, key learnings and decisions made, as well as the challenges they still face.

Jessica Marr

Sr. Director Global Sales Onboarding

Reimagining Onboarding in a Virtual World

Like many companies, a critical component of the sales onboarding journey at Salesforce focused on a week long in person intensive Bootcamp.  This program immersed new hires in the company culture, the sales process, and helped to foster lasting connections and networking opportunities for our new hires.  


With the shift to a virtual world, the team was tasked to shift the content to a virtual context while also maintaining the magic of the Bootcamp experience.  Join us for a session to learn about our four principles for virtual onboarding excellence.

Scott Chamberlain

Director, Customer Success Group Onboarding

Accelerate Time to Productivity

Learn how ServiceNow is reducing the ramp time of sales new hires with a structured sales onboarding learning path and accreditation process. This session also covers how ServiceNow measures success by evaluating the new hire’s progress towards sales KPIs at 30, 60, 90, and 120-day milestones.

Amanda Gold

Sales Manager Development, Senior Manager

Sales Manager Onboarding

The Sales Leader Development Journey

Manager enablement is often neglected as businesses focus resources on rep development. Unexpectedly this can lead to negative impact on both managers and reps. This is only heightened buy the current reality. ServiceNow will share some tactics and strategies to combat loss of engagement and performance.