The Future of Work –Digital & Distributed

The future of work has arrived!   As the world quickly shifted to a distributed workforce using a digital workspace, VMware accelerated the journey we had already begun:  to enable our people to work anywhere, anytime using any app on any device and any cloud.  It’s our heritage and central to what we do every day as a company.  And we recognized that flexibility and choice would be two of the main tenants for success.  We will share our experience over the past six months and provide a glimpse for how we are preparing for the post-pandemic future.

Michael McCreary

VP, Human Resources 


Employee Learning Experience


Radical Pivots for Onboarding Engagement

You will learn how leading companies re-defining customer and employee experience have taken an Agile approach to increase new hire engagement in the era of virtual and Zoom fatigue.

Hacks include-

-“Un-conferencing” /

-Switching up the Buddy Program /

-Enabling at Home Performance and Wellness.

Brandon Kruger

Director, Learning and Development


Employee Learning Experience


Radical Pivots for Onboarding Engagement

You will learn how leading companies re-defining customer and employee experience have taken an Agile approach to increase new hire engagement in the era of virtual and Zoom fatigue.

Hacks include-

-“Un-conferencing” /

-Switching up the Buddy Program /

-Enabling at Home Performance and Wellness.


Elizabeth Pierce

Director, Learning Experience

Consulting Leader

SESSION D: Netflix

Sparking Joy in the Virtual Onboarding Experience


At Netflix, the onboarding program is intended to welcome our new hires and provide a journey that creates moments of pause, education and celebration. Each onboarding ‘episode’ delivers a meaningful, efficient, fun way for new hires to embrace their new chapter at Netflix. However just like you can click through, skip, or rewatch your favorite episode on Netflix, employees can experience the “Episodes” at their pace. In the digital age of onboarding, this personalized approach has helped accelerate learning, foster connections, and ensure inclusion is reflected throughout the design of the experience.

The choice is theirs and the journey awaits.


Cherliza Jimenez 

Senior Generalist,

Employee Service


Experience Design Lab-

How to create a five-star remote Onboarding Experience

During this workshop, Wendy Smith will provide behind-the-scenes insights on how to apply her 4DX Framework to develop a world-class remote onboarding experience fit for the needs of today’s workers. The session will walk you through all the key elements that must be addressed in order to develop a comprehensive roadmap to execute against in creating an exceptional onboarding experience. We will explore each step of the design framework in-depth, including persona development, journey mapping, branding, implementation planning, measurement systems and more!


In this provocative presentation, you will learn:

What is the 4DX Design Framework and how to apply it

How to design a Five-Star experience that covers the new hire journey for a virtual worker

How to activate your ‘Signature New Employee Experience’

 Wendy Smith 

Global Director of Talent Enablement

SESSION F:  Salesforce

Reimagining Onboarding in a Virtual World


Like many companies, a critical component of the sales onboarding journey at Salesforce focused on a week long in person intensive Bootcamp.  This program immersed new hires in the company culture, the sales process, and helped to foster lasting connections and networking opportunities for our new hires.  


With the shift to a virtual world, the team was tasked to shift the content to a virtual context while also maintaining the magic of the Bootcamp experience.  Join us for a session to learn about our four principles for virtual onboarding excellence.


Jessica Marr 

Sr. Director Global

Sales Onboarding

SESSION G: Fannie Mae

Onboarding the next generation of Leaders 

The next evolution in our onboarding program is to establish a program that balances the needs of the organization with the specific and unique needs of recent college graduates. 

In this session I’ll provide an overview of our Day One and Day Two experience as well as showcase the program designed for our newest campus hires. 

Additional insights will be provided on the lift involved, resources utilized and how we used a variety of modalities to get meaningful and actionable feedback and data.

Jennifer Saloma

Training Specialist IV or Onboarding Program Manager

SESSION H: Capital One

Enterprise-wide Onboarding 

Revising the Day One Experience

The conversion for our day 1 onboarding experiences to virtual was a necessity but we realized it was also an opportunity to update and refresh a number of our program elements and experiment with new frameworks. Several months on we have a number of lessons learned about how to not only deliver on critical day 1 new hire expectations (such as benefits overviews) but also how to infuse an all virtual experience with meaningful elements of diversity, inclusion and associate engagement. This session will provide an overview of the lessons learned and share an early view of how they and the data gathered from our participants during this time is shaping what our program will look like in the future. 

Steven Curtis

Learning Manager 


One of the challenges we face in a digital age is to be able to create onboarding experiences that are engaging and effective. Video meeting fatigue and work from home distractions are two common challenges that have surfaced in our "new normal". In this session we will discuss what criteria Intuit uses when creating virtual onboarding experiences and how to leverage data and tools to provide effective just in time learning. 


Dwight Davis

Senior Manager, 

Talent Development

SESSION J:  Google

Onboarding Reimagined

In our most recent analysis, new Sales Nooglers (also known as Nooglers) rated themselves at 60% job ready. With over 2,000 new Googlers joining the Global Business Operations Sales force annually who have the potential to touch and impact $25B+ of our ad revenue, every day a Noogler isn’t job ready greatly impacts Google’s growth. In addition, as the world evolved, sales skills are becoming even more important than technical skills, even at Google. 


In this session, Leah Schachar, Global Head of Google Sales School, will explain how her team restructured the Google Sales onboarding experience, turning the program into a world-class experience that enables a Nooglers to be job ready and drives the future of Google's growth. Join this session to hear the steps they’ve taken, key learnings and decisions made, as well as the challenges they still face.

Leah Schachar

Global Onboarding

Curriculum Manager

SESSION K: ServiceNow

Sales Manager Onboarding

The Sales Leader Development Journey

Manager enablement is often neglected as businesses focus resources on rep development. Unexpectedly this can lead to negative impact on both managers and reps. This is only heightened buy the current reality. ServiceNow will share some tactics and strategies to combat loss of engagement and performance.

Amanda Gold

Sales Manager  Development, Senior Manager

SESSION L:  University of MN

Academic Onboarding

Remotely Connected: Thoughts from world of College Orientation

Normally college orientation is buttressed by the fact that many, or all, of the students will live together, study together, work together and play together. Bonding during orientation is just one step in a much larger social experience. But as so many students are planning to attend their college classes remotely – how are the orientation coordinators creating engaged experiences to help bring people together when they aren’t together? What can we, as employers, learn from these folks? And what can we expect our new employees to expect from us in just a few years?

 Stacy Doepner-Hove

Director, Master of HR 

& Industrial Relations Program