CHOP Virtual Site Visit

The Value of Onboarding from an Executive Perspective 

​CHOP’s Human Resources Department spent time discussing why he is committed to supporting a solid onboarding program, especially in the virtual environment we are currently navigating. Mr. Allen will share his thoughts regarding the benefits he realizes at the executive level and enterprise wide when the investment in onboarding is strong. He will also offer his advice on how he sees the business case for supporting onboarding at the executive level in the future and provide time for a Q&A.

Calvin Allen 

EVP & Chief HR Officer 

Collaborating across Silos to get Results!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a complex organization, hiring over 4500 employees annually into over 80 specialized departments.  This past year, the enterprise onboarding team has made a concerted effort to prioritize new hires across systems and will share a case study of successful partnership creating a specialized orientation with Research Institute at CHOP, one of the largest departments (2500 employees)

Michelle A.  Lewis

VP Research Administration & Operations 

CHOP Operation " Orientation Reboot" 

In this session the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia onboarding team members will share their experience of how they were able to take their traditional instructor led day 1 orientation to the next level, transforming the day into a “gaming” experience.  During the experience new hires receive all of the important and required information they need while completing fun, interactive activities that can be accessed both on a virtual platform or live in person facilitation.

Michelle A.  Lewis

Manager, Onboarding & Education Administration